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Health Outreach

LACM assists outreach on key issues in health awareness, access and prevention, placing a strong emphasis on living chemically free, participating in multi-agency collaborations to create healthy communities, and women's health.

Key issues for the Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota health programs include:

  • Chemical health and alcohol, tobacco and narcotics prevention education.
  • The SEACHIP program to provide insurance to uninsured children.
  • Hepatitis B awareness and education.
  • Women's Health and Breast Cancer Awareness
The Lao Assistance Center has worked with community members to provide transportation, assistance and interpretation with medical professionals and at-risk refugees to ensure adequate human needs are met with dignity and cultural relevance.


Health Education & Well-Being Program 
"Promoting healthier lifestyles through education, engagement, and empowerment"

The Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota actively participates in Cervical and Breast Cancer as well as Heart Disease educational programs, educating Lao women and their family members of the risks and prevention.

The Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota encourages women over the age of forty (40) to regularly screen for breast cancer by advocating for women. They set up appointments, arrange health insurance papers and even provide interpretation and transportation to the screen sites.

For more information about our Cervical and Breast Cancer and Heart Disease programs, please contact:

Chongchith Saengsudham

Health Prevention & Cancer Education Program Manager

Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota

503 Irving Avenue North, Suite 100

Minneapolis, MN  55405


Phone: 612-374-4967

Fax: 612-312-1150

Voice mail: 612-767-8902


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