Lao Leadership Institute

The Lao Leadership Institute (LLI) aims to develop, support and connect emerging Lao leaders to governing non-profit boards and advisory committees that serve and represent the needs and interests of the local Lao community. The project has the following core elements that cohorts will learn:

· Historical data and current social issues in Lao and Southeast Asian community

· Leadership resources, tools, and development

· Public service and nonprofit leadership

· Communications & civic engagement strategies

· Governing board structures, finances, accountability standards

What is the LLI?

Few leadership boards in Minnesota know and understand who the Lao people, culture, and issues are; yet they are making decisions based on limited education of the Lao community.  How can we better serve the Lao community if there is no representation?  It’s time to put Lao Americans on the decision-making table.

The Lao Leadership Institute  (LLI) grew out of the need for more representation of Lao Americans and to promote the development of emerging Lao leaders to be effective agents of social change, who will advance the interests and address the issues that impact the community. LLI is completely free of charge.

Who should apply?

Lao Minnesotans who are interested in advancing the needs and interests of the Lao community, are at least 18 years old, fluent in English, and hold a post-secondary degree.

When, Where, how?

Commitment is six evening/weekend workshops over the course of six weeks, starting in September 2013 at LACM office.  To participate in the first cohort or for more information, email Chanida at or call 612-481-3964.